Group of children playing in outdoor sand pit at Bambini Coombabah

The Papilio Difference

The Papilio Difference

Who is Papilio Australia?

Papilio Early Learning is a childcare group committed to providing quality care for young children. At Papilio we recognise the individuality of every child. We provide an exciting and supportive environment where children can grow, in their own way.

This child-centred approach is at the heart of our programs, and our centres. In early childhood, learning and growth takes place every day. From remembering the words to a favourite song, to packing a toy away – achievements are made. Those moments, and our encouraging words can shape little minds. When children feel valued, when they are celebrated, they are inspired to keep learning. This is the Papilio Way.

School readiness program – The centre’s government-approved Preschool program encourages the development of each child’s mind, body, and connection to the people and places in the world around them. The centre offers state-approved early learning curriculums as part of their School Readiness approach.  

Incursions and excursions – children enjoy a range of incursions and excursions to keep them engaged and interested in all sorts of topics – including fitness and health, animals and nature, and the larger community. 

Range of activities – the centre’s Healthy Children Enrichment program includes music, art, sport, games, cooking and gardening. Educators strive to make each day interesting, different, and most importantly fun for each child. 

Sustainability focus - as a part of the centre's Healthy World focus, the team prioritises a sustainable approach.  Children can explore conservation, social responsibility and the environment through the centre's activities whether that be through gardening, recycling projects, environmental days, or recycling  stations. 

Play based approach – the centre uses a play-based approach that encourages emotional, social, and  physical growth. Play is a way that children interact with the world around them, helping them develop social skills they’ll use every day to interact and communicate with others.

Our Vision and Values

Guided by the Affinity Way

As part of the Affinity Education Group, everything we do is guided by the Affinity Way. This means bringing out the magic of kids in every idea, plan and action that we make.

Our Vision

Guided by Affinity, our mission is to inspire and nurture individuals to reach their full potential. For children, this means empowering them to embrace their indikiduality. We do this by tailoring our support to engage each and every child.

Our vision is for each child to reap the rewards of what they learn and discover so that they succeed at realising their full potential.

Our Values

With experience garnered over time, Affinity has laid the foundations for our success by developing six core values that guide us every day. They apply to every team member from assistants to area managers and corporate staff.

  1. Completely connected communities

We bring out the best in each other and the families we serve through collaboration and cooperation, communicating openly and sharing knowledge and information.

  1. Having serious fun

We all participate in making Affinity a fun place where we share a laugh, celebrate achievement and maintain perspective and balance for each other.

  1. Creating shining stars

We support and enable each other to grow, learn and develop by giving everyone the autonomy they need and having their back.

  1. Going above and beyond

We act with genuine positivity, pride and energy and go out of our way to deliver value that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

  1. Living the team spirit

We all contribute to the Affinity culture of winning attitudes, teamwork, cooperation and creating a sense of belonging for everyone.

  1. Delivering outstanding professionalism

We take our work seriously by being professional and respecting each other for who we are, our individuality, knowledge, skills and experience.

Affinity Education Group

Our centre is part of an Australia-wide network of early learning centres owned and operated by Affinity Education Group. There are more than 150 early learning centres across Australia.

Affinity Education Group’s primary focus is to provide children in our care with the highest standard early education programs, through the provision of localised education programs that align with the relevant curriculum requirements in each state.

Regardless of the centre or brand, every Affinity child is cared for equally and given the same opportunities to shine. Affinity educators are leaders in the early childhood education field, and partner with parents of children in our care to create positive outcomes for each child.

Affinity has a clear vision to see each of the shining stars within our care grow up to be inspiring, capable, confident individuals who tread a continuous path of learning. We all strive to achieve this by bringing out the magic of kids in everything we do. That’s the Affinity Way.

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